1. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET WELL? No two spines are alike. The speed at which you recover will depend on several factors: How much damage has been done; your history of illness and injuries; your day-to-day lifestyle; your diet and exercise routine, and cooperation and compliance with our recommendations. After an initial visit or two, the recovery period can be predicted with each individual case.  

  2. WILL I BE ADJUSTED EVERY TIME I COME IN TO BE CHECKED? It is restoration of health we are seeking, not just adjustments. Should we find that an adjustment is not necessary,  we will not adjust you on that visit. This is a matter for us to determine based on chiropractic findings, not just how you feel.

  3. WHAT FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE FOR CHIROPRACTIC CARE? This will be thoroughly discussed with you in the office and should not cause any real problem either to you or us.

  4. IF I CANNOT KEEP MY APPOINTMENT, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Give us a call as soon as possible, we will gladly reschedule you for a time that is convenient.   

  5. IF I FEEL BETTER, IS IT NECESSARY THAT I COME BACK? “Feeling better” could only be temporary, indicating improvement, but not a full recovery.  Not continuing with the recommended course of care usually results in regression of the patient's condition and more effort and expense to get well than originally intended. “Feeling better” is what we want you to continue to do, so this should never be a reason for not keeping your appointment.

  6. WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT EXERCISE? Exercise is important, but when initiating chiropractic care it sometimes has to be altered. This is often temporary, yet we may recommend that certain exercises be avoided or added to your regimen. We will advise you personally regarding activities and proper exercising.

  7. DO I NEED MY MEDICAL PHYSICIAN’S APPROVAL TO HAVE CHIROPRACTIC CARE? Doctors of Chiropractic are primary-care level of entry providers, the same as most medical physicians. You do not need a referral or approval of another doctor to seek chiropractic services. Chiropractic and Medicine are two separate and distinct professions. Public awareness of the benefits of natural health care has risen;  Chiropractic has grown to be the largest drug-free health profession in the world.