Perhaps, for the very first time, you are being introduced to chiropractic care. If this is the case, then we are confident you will achieve excellent results using the principle and practice of the largest, drugless healing arts in the world. We encourage a drug-free lifestyle. As you become familiar with our advice and suggestions, you will understand more clearly our expectations in your course of care. As you have a better knowledge of the fundamentals of chiropractic, then you will be better able to participate cooperatively with us and as a result, get the fullest benefit from our services. It is necessary to appreciate the fact that chiropractic is fundamentally different from the theories and practice of medicine. One must lay aside prejudices and try to understand the nature of this science that is a separate and distinct approach to health and disease. Of the nine systems of the body's make-up, the nervous system is the most important, for it directs information between the other systems and the brain. Chiropractic is for the entire family, from newborns to the elderly, it is an art of healing with “hands on” techniques.



Chiropractic specializes primarily with the system of nerves that generate from the brain throughout the entire body. From the brain and brainstem, protected by the skull, continues the spinal cord, the main nerve trunk encased in the vertebral bones of the spine. From here, nerve roots emit and pass through openings between the vertebrae and branch out to all body parts. Vertebrae in abnormal position can subject nerves to congestion and pressure. This, in turn, affects the area to which these nerves provide tone and function. It is a recognized principle that an organ, gland or muscle ceases to function normally if the nerve supply to that tissue is cut off or minimized. Interference to nerve impulse results in trouble. The spine is the central axis of the whole body's support and nerves in the spine detect and signal motion. The brain receives this information and responds to balance the health of other systems. Any disruption upsets this balance. Doctors of chiropractic help by restoring function and correcting misalignments of the spinal vertebrae which are interfering with the nervous system. These misalignments are defined as subluxations. A subluxation places pressure on the nervous system and that polarity is disturbed, reducing the normal supply of energy to and from physical or mental areas. Subluxations can be found throughout the spine and even in multiple areas. Numerous of things may cause a slight subluxation of one or more vertebrae: an accident or fall, physical stress, emotional upset and chemical shock. Nerve pressure can result in altered function, chiropractic care can restore normal function to the body and body systems. When this is done, the healing process will begin.



There are physical tests for posture, balance, function, and to identify limitations. At times, instruments that detect, measure, or visualize different aspects of a condition are utilized. Very often, this includes x-ray. X-rays are to the chiropractor what a roadmap is to a traveler. Our chiropractic exams differ in some ways from that of a medical exam. This is also true with x-ray technique. Our main goal is to determine the location of spinal subluxations which are the basic causes of many disorders of the body. We are trained and skilled in locating and removing the nerve pressure and the sooner we begin, the sooner you will be on the road to good health.